Civil Design Associates, Inc. in the news:

Ohio Earth Day Event Highlights Tuscarawas County – Village of Stone Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant and Collection System

An Ohio Earth Day Event was held April 21, 2006 to recognize the environmental efforts of Tuscarawas County and the Village of Stone Creek in providing a wastewater treatment plant and collection system for the previously unsewered Village. Presentations and awards were made by Thomas Dorr, Under Secretary of USDA Rural Development, Randy Hunt, State Director of USDA, Deb Martin, Rural Community Assistance Program, Honorable Bob Ney, U.S. Representative 18th Congressional District, Kerry Metzger, Tuscarawas County Commissioner and Harry D. Matter, P.E., President of Civil Design Associates, Inc.

Civil Design Associates, Inc. was retained by the Tuscarawas County Commissioners to prepare detailed design plans for the sanitary sewer system and a membrane wastewater treatment facility for the Village. A preliminary engineering study was initially prepared by Civil Design Associates, Inc. to evaluate the feasibility of constructing and funding this project.

Regional Technology Park Project Underway for Tuscarawas County and The City of New Philadelphia

Civil Design Associates, Inc. is performing a key role in the development of the Tuscarawas Regional Technology Park, to be located in New Philadelphia adjoining the Kent State University, Tuscarawas Campus. The firm has served as the prime consultant for the development of the 170-acre site which will accommodate 28 high technology business centers. It is planned for fifty percent of the overall site to remain as “green space” with retention ponds. Civil Design Associates, Inc. has provided engineering design for the site infrastructure, including approximately two miles of roadway alignment, sanitary and storm sewers, waterlines, sanitary pump station, water booster station, and 500,000 gallon water storage tank. As bid, this infrastructure investment is set at $4.6 million. Civil Design Associates, Inc. is assisting with project administration and construction inspection which is planned throughout 2006 and 2007.